Review: One Piece: Burning Blood | The Next Anime Fighting Franchise?

  • Kamuikenshi

    Great review.Personally I’m very excited to play this,I’m a bit worn out from Storm 4 and this should bring a fresh experience.Also from what I understood if someone rage quits in Burning Blood you actually get the win,which is great.

    • chris

      Ya except if someone turns off their PS4 then it brings you back to the multiplayer menu and acts like nothing happened, this has only happened to me 2 times out of the hundreds of matches I play so luckily not a lot of rage quitters. The BIG issue I have with this game so far are toxic members of the community who spam things like Hancocks Mero Mero beam or do cheap supports that give you X5 attack and then can one shot you with any character. Unfortuately the people that do this have destroyed online ranked but luckily haven’t touched normal/customs yet so we still have that. I am just hoping that the devs take a look at the community and ban the spammers (wishful thinking I know) so that we can enjoy online as when I play a game I play to enjoy it more than I do to just cheat to win as I don’t see the point of even playing if that is all you do.

      I am hoping for more character DLC and would love SPOILER* SPOILER* SPOILER*

      Zou characters like Carrot/Jack/Pedro/Inu/Neko but we probably won’t get that and will end up with people like hordy and capone more than likely

  • NZH97

    I totally agree with this. They should of went with Dressrosa which they could of added characters which weren’t in previous games.

  • Puppet on a Lonely String

    Really good review it makes me want to play the game even more. Though unfortunately I don’t own a console to play it on :'(

    • Kiera

      Steam Version in Summer^^

  • Kiera

    Thanks for the Review, I would give it arround 7, its fun but not as great as it could be. For a Fighting Game its good and I hope the second Game will improve the right Parts like the Story Mode which is awful imo.

    • TheGameTagerZ

      Game isn’t for me so glad it went to Fabian’s hands for review. Would have given it much less it really wasn’t my kind of game sadly.

      • AnonymousNaruto2000

        I agree. Though it can be a fun game, it’s so damn broken. Attacking priority is screwed up big-time, leaving at least 90% of a character’s moveset useless (Blackbeard outspeeding Whitebeard’s quickest attack (Blackbeard’s supposed to be slow, and for some reason has rolling on the floor crying as an attack. WTH?), Mihawk spamming ranged attacks at least 6 times in a row, Sanji basically being an “i lose” button against females, etc). You know it’s bad when even the freaking CPU spams like there’s no tomorrow (not to mention the hilariously lopsided damage ratio in Story Mode (barely any damage to CPU, like 20% of health to you).

        It could have had a lot of potential, but they need to fix some serious balancing issues (and a story mode that isn’t just a single, late-Part 1 story-arc 4 times, leaving both fans and newcomers dissatisfied).

        Sorry for the rant. Just so much potential down the drain.

        • chris

          I agree with you on a lot of that stuff but you also have to compare it to their last game J stars…which is enough said

  • Enzevil

    Nice review, finally got this game today! Downloading day one patch at the moment. I’m glad there is a local multiplayer option and even without a splitscreen option (so just one screen like in Storm)! My friends would enjoy this game as well to play here! 🙂

    • There is a split-screen option.

      • Enzevil

        I know, but I said I’m happy there’s also the option for 2 players to play on one large screen, instead of splitscreen. But both options are available yes.

  • I pre-ordered this months ago, just got it in the mail yesterday! I’m really happy it turned out so well! I hope in the future they will add more characters through DLC, or maybe in a sequel they will work on the roster. I was hoping for Cavendish or Kyros to make an appearance, but maybe they will be playable in a sequel. The story mode could have been more expansive, but the gameplay is very satisfying in the end.

  • Kongoh Bancho

    No Rob Lucci ! WHY ??

    • Angry Troll Face

      Because he would have been a complicated character.

      • Enzevil

        They could make him work like X-Drake?

        • KidKojack

          So that his leopard human form would have only been an awakening?
          That’s terrible for someone like Lucci who has a much more varied moveset than Drake.

    • chris

      I was also hoping for Rob and the other 2 CP9 members Kaku and Jabra but i also would want pre timeskip zoro and sanji (why is pre timeskip smoker even in the game…besides story mode)

  • Angry Troll Face

    Awesome review! I agree with story mode and character roster. Everything else is fine to me. The game is getting patch, which is amazing news! This might help the game to balance out and last longer.