Bandai Namco To Add Three New DLC Characters to Burning Blood


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  • Coolguy

    Since Japan also able to vote, there’s 85% chance one of the girls being be able lol.

    • slicer141

      So true LOL

  • Angry Troll Face

    I have a theory that Bandai Namco is letting us choose 3 characters of choice while they choose the two characters from the top 5 of the top 3. If you check my picture below, there are only 5 DLC slots left. So, we might be actually getting 5 new playable characters, unless they’re for the Gold Film movie. If your favorite character doesn’t make it, that’s what sequels are for unless they go to open world RPG One Piece style game.

    • slicer141

      This sums UP MY EXACT THOUGHTS also how do you get silver luffy?

      • For North America you need to buy the Deluxe Digital Edition.

        • slicer141

          Oh kk gotcha

  • No Life Gamer Virgin
  • I chose Vergo. I wish it was Kyros in Rebecca’s place, he’s a better fighter and a more interesting character.

  • chris

    god this is one of the hardest dlc choices as i feel like rob lucci/kaku/coby are the 3 i REALLY want but i want more people like garp and vergo to make the fights available like law vs vergo and sanji vs vergo etc.

    with that being said i do want different people like tashigi (favorite girl in OP) and rebecca also I feel like the pre timeskip east blue villians honestly are kind of bad choices as they already are mostly out o f the series but to each their own


  • slicer141

    what’s the point of voting for Lucci he will obviously have the most votes! So I’ll save my vote for some (.Y.) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    • chris

      You would think he would but being that this is worldwide some countries tend to like certain other characters like senor pink and such so you should vote for rob just in case

      • Coolguy

        Yup. And that’s Japan lol.

  • Kiera

    Will vote for Vivi, would love to play with her.

  • Raymond howard

    No contest. Magellan, Garp and of course Lucci

    Edit: Just realized the votes were over. The final results were Lucci, Garp, and Caesar(Not Magellan but the closest thing too it).