My Hero Academia: Battle for All Gets Four New Outfits for The Class 1-A Students

In 3DS

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  • Francesco Esposito

    The All-Might-like outift for Izuku will be the next release?

    • The screenshots with Izuku are for a special Jump Victory Carnival stage. That costume can already be unlocked in-game.

      • Francesco Esposito

        Is a curriculum mission? I want to unlock it

        • Complete Izuku’s curriculum missions: 10, 12, 14, and 16 to unlock all the parts for that costume.

          • Francesco Esposito


  • The game gets more and more tempting… Shame it doesn’t have online.

    I’d body Kevin for not liking the game enough… or something.

  • Daryl Dixon

    I need some help,how can i get the school costume for all characters,like in the image