Dragon Ball: Fusions Trailer Goes In-Depth on Combat

In 3DS

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  • Glad to see you back, dude. How hyped out of ten are you for this one?

    Combat system seems great, both in Full Throttle Attacks (I’ll definitely do these a lot) and in the SRPG sort of thing.

    • TheGameTagerZ

      Given my new job I’ve been away from Shonen which I realize I need to put more time into.

      As far as hype a 9 for me. More excited for this game than Xenoverse honestly.

      I was surprised to see some 3rd person action in there as well which raised it from a 8 to a 9. All the what if fusions I could make and the confirmed 334 unique fusions that are in the game (assuming that means special ones since you can literally fuse with anyone).

      I basically have a lot to cover for the next couple of weeks or so.

      • I see. Hope you manage to balance the two, so we aren’t left in the cold here.

        Same with me. Ganbarion look like they might create that next Legacy of Goku (Attack of the Saiyans was another) we’ve been waiting for with this even if the developer and genre are pretty far off from each other. I like my fighting games, but haven’t been too keen about the recent DB ones in general, a bit of that is since we don’t have other genres for the game series (well I guess Heroes always existed but I’m pretending the 3DS doesn’t have two of them).

        I don’t really care about the number of unique fusions now since the rest of the game around it seems pretty strong, it matters when I hear about unique moves and interactions due to it. Still one of my most hyped games of the year.

        Good luck and have fun with the game, at least it isn’t too busy with a bunch of games to cover like you had last year IIRC.

        • TheGameTagerZ

          Yeah trying to juggle a lot of things lately definitely Fusions will have my attention so I’ll be getting things done between the YouTube and the website itself.

          I don’t mind if Ganbarion is the developer for other Jump titles especially since I liked their recent titles (although Grand Battle X needed a lot of work).