Dragon Ball: Fusions Will Take Roughly 25 Hours to Complete, Famitsu Claims Nearly Infinite Replay Value

In 3DS

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  • Afro Tron

    Holy sh#t!

  • Wonder if we’ll get a demo (not that it was honest about Unlimited World Red), Bandai Namco usually has those out at least a week in advance of any anime game on 3DS.

    Ganbarion look like they’ve got it back, but I’m worried based on this being their first game with this IP excluding the Jump Crossover Stars games they did on the DS. That play time seems reasonable to me, it is nowhere near some of the other DBZ RPGs I’ve played or the Unlimited games but it seems possible to finish and replay in short order which is what I think suits a game with this many customisation options.

    I’m sure Monster Hunter Stories will be a bit on the shorter side too, at least in comparison to the un-completable main series.