One Piece: Daikaizoku Colosseum Famitsu Review

In 3DS

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  • Huh, they actually named a universal mechanic (potentially two universal mechanics if Gigant Combo is similar) after a term that pretty much only Luffy says? It makes more sense for it to be generic terms like Ultra Combo or something with a bit of character like “Treasure Rush” (a nod to Dragon Rush in B3 maybe?), whatever. >_>

    I’m probably too harsh, but I don’t get a “Woah, these guys made it in!!” feeling from a game based on a series with 80 volumes which has multiple games last generation with more surprising line ups (and probably Pirate Warriors 3 this generation). I care more about how interesting the fights are than how the story is “very drawl and quite shallow” but I’d like to know more about this.

    • Rubashov

      I don’t think the names of the combos/mechanics really matter. They can always change it during localization(hopefully they localize it…). I agree with your other points though.

      It’s hard to take Famitsu reviews seriously but there are at least a few things to take away from this review. Namely,a fun single player mode and unique characters. Those were two areas which needed improvement in Extreme Butoden. I’m wondering what other modes are available though? There hasn’t been much mention of other game modes.

      • Mysterious Man

        Yeah, like the online tournament mode.

        • Rubashov

          Online probably wasn’t available to test for early review copies.

      • Fair enough, it is a personal nitpick of mine. Bingo Block was a good term in all Gigant Battle versions and I like useful well picked names from the start.

        Even their praise of the single player mode and unique characters feels vague. How do we know that the single player mode is significantly better than Extreme Butoden? We don’t. They didn’t say much conclusive.

        Same goes for the characters, only we could gauge them from the demo or at least 3 or them.

        • Darc the Demon

          You can check the website, if you’re curious about the complete roster and support characters.
          Playable Characters:
          Support Characters:

        • Rubashov

          I’m not disagreeing that the review shouldn’t be more detailed. I view most reviews as just another opinion to lightly take into consideration but perhaps even that is being too optimistic with Famitsu?

          I don’t think the EB review was ever translated so we have no frame of reference for what they thought about its modes. They may have very well considered those fun too, which would make what they said about create a crew mode not be very meaningful. I guess I might be overestimating Famitsu thinking that there’s no way the reviewers would have praised EB’s single player modes but who knows with Famitsu?

          Saying the characters are unique, have their own play style and feel as they should seems indicative enough that we have more unique characters this time around. I don’t know. I have a hard time believing a reviewer would say that about EB. Also, I don’t think you can gauge how unique the entire roster is from a specific selection in a demo. EB’s demo had 4 characters which seemed different enough but the main game has a ton of transformation characters that share nearly all their base moves and usually at least one special. They’re different enough to offer variety but unique is not something I’d call them. The reviewers should have referenced specific features that made characters feel unique, like Gild Tesoro’s gold meter, but this is what you get with Famitsu reviews. You get their general feelings about a game and not a detailed critique with real supporting evidence.