Dragon Ball Fusions To Be Released In North America On December 13 & Europe in February 2017 (Update)

In 3DS

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  • randy191993

    Can’t believe the whole world is globalized but we still can’t fu*** release games everywhere at the same time. Ugh…

    • TheGameTagerZ

      Localization takes time

      • randy191993

        if you make the game, then release it, then translate it to english, then release that and then release it to the entire rest. Yes. If you would just translate it when it reaches gold that would work. Most other games nowadays do that and release globally at the same time. Anime games seem to be the only exception.

        • Like TGT said, its based on localization and also feedback. Japan has a gigantic 3DS playerbase whereas the west doesnt as much. Xenoverse 2 was announced in the west first, translated, localized and voiced alongside the Japanese version because a lot of people in the west own current gen consoles/steam. Localization is costly and they need more of a reason to localize certain games.

          • randy191993

            That makes no sense. It makes literally no difference if they localize it now or two months later for them. If they wouldn’t bring it over at all that would be one thing. But it doesn’t cost them more to have the games ready for all 3 regions than it would to pan out the wait longer than necessarry.

            • Again I think you need to look into localization rules and costs.