An Apology From Us


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  • All good, times has changed for sure & Nothing stays the same forever.

    • TheGameTagerZ

      True enough

  • Scott James Baker

    I fine articals like this intersting much like author comments in shonen jump, even if scans reviews content is slowed and life is life, perhaps monthly or 3 monthly update review on your guys life is something we can enjoy as well till things are up and going aorr of like writing verstion of a vlog ?

  • Photon

    Life happens. No worries!
    Gl in college!

  • Eh, it’s okay. As long as you guys get back into the swing of things.

  • King Spica

    (KingSpica) i wonder what was going on lol for months no news and i even try talking too you guys on Facebook about a update but really no response after

  • King Spica

    And forgot you guys names i asked on Facebook too as well but no comment because i couldn’t remember your guys name and i asked as well no comment because YouTube is acting stupid it makes you unsub

  • King Spica

    Also that diqus thing is not letting me log in with twitter or diqus site saying my login information is wrong and i try too do new user and says that my email already has been used i just don’t know

  • Menacing~~~

    This may seem rude, but I hear this school/college excuse a lot and they say they’re tired because of it. I might be ignorant on this topic, but are there some schools that are giving their students piles of work due in 1-2 days or something?

    • Bobby/Godless


  • Kiera

    No Problem, School is important and Jobs also so I totally understand 🙂