Famitsu Road to Boruto Interview: Takes 3-4 Hours to Finish, No Plans to “Add DLC to DLC”


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  • Kamuikenshi

    So they were planning to do this from day one,had an entire year,and it doesn’t even look like we’ll be getting the main villains from the movie this DLC is highlighting,as playable characters.
    That is an epic fail.

  • Eh, I don’t mind personally. I’ll enjoy the content we have/get from this Expansion anyway, no matter the negatives. I love CyberConnect2 games regardless, always a fav!

  • Zaide Daude

    CC2 should make Bleach & One Piece games

    • Romero Santos

      No they shouldn’t

    • LeeHatake93

      They need to make a Dragon Ball game.
      CC2 has the perfect anime fighter formula, they just need to work on giving players a complete roster.

  • Well, Rip storm, Rip Cc2. I can honestly say after my experiences with storm over these years I’ll never in my life buy another anime game again unless I know 100% for sure that it’s going to be good. Goodbye storm series & I hope you burn in hell.

    • Xstream

      Lol, sure, “r.i.p CC2”. I’m sure they’ll really be terrible shape for all of 2 seconds until they remember they’re working on FF7 remake and will be swimming in 100x the money the storm series gave them.

      • Scott James Baker

        cc2 never fixed issues since storm 2 thats just how terrible they are never seen a bad multiplyer system in my life

        for example. most multiplyer games have this
        Online mode select> match type>Region select>Lobby of games>

        Room is full= Lobby of games>room full>Lobby of games select>room full>Lobby of games select>

        storm games
        Online mode select>match type>Region select>Lobby of games

        Room is full= Lobby of games>room full no longer there>match type>Region select>Lobby of games>room full no longer there>match type>Region select>Lobby of games>room full no longer there>match type>Region select>Lobby of games>room full no longer there>match type>Region select>Lobby of games

        tell me im wrong, why is it cc2 cant do what every other game can and just take you back to the lobby of rooms? why dose the game not register your imput from before and force you to reselect it every time.

        they had storm gen storm 3 storm 3 full burst, storm 4 and this burst version of 4. to fix it.

        one of reasons i never played online on storm games to much waste of time

  • “We had a lot of people who wanted to both have a Boruto Story as well as missions to undertake as Boruto in Adventure Mode”… What the hell has he been smoking this time? The majority doesn’t even care about the adventure mode and i’m sure everyone wants NARUTO characters playable first before moving on to Boruto.

    Not only that, but this dlc is simply a joke if it really took them so long to only make one new playable character from Boruto (their target for this dlc). They tease us with gameplay screenshots showing Shikadai and the other brats fighting but later on reveal that they won’t be playable? Just shows that you shouldn’t trust these trolls. Them stating that there won’t be any more additinal dlc in the future just adds salt to the already big wound. That means we will NEVER get Shizune, Kurenai, Anko, Toneri, Kurotsuchi, Chojuro, Ashura, Indra, Guren and other highly requested characters playable in Storm. Really a damn shame that they didn’t manage to make atleast the first three kunoichi playable when they were avaiable in the original PS2 Ultimate Ninja games.

    Also, i have a bad feeling about this statement -> “We’ve added some new factors into the game to allow brand new options. Although, we know people may retort with “The original NS4 system was better…” If they’re trying to say that the support dash/support jutsu/support combo etc. mechanics don’t work anymore, then the game is pretty much done for.
    I’ll stop right here, sorry for spreading hate, but i’m just disappointed with their dumb decisions.

    • Ahtma

      “Not only that, but this dlc is simply a joke if it really took them so long to only make one new playable character from Boruto”

      Boruto, Sarada, Naruto, and Sasuke all have completely new (or in Sasuke’s case, mostly new) movesets. That on top of a cinematic story mode done in one year is pretty noteworthy, especially considering it took them around six months per individual boss fight in Asura’s Wrath.

      • I know what i wrote down and thought it through before doing so. By “one new playable character” i meant Mitsuki obviously. Also, i’m aware that those characters are getting their movesets updated. I’m personally looking forward to play as that version of Naruto, but what i’m trying to say is that they’re only really offering one new character from the Boruto cast when they could’ve done more with all this time they had. A story mode won’t do anything for the longevity of the game, only characters and patches can serve that purpose as most time of the game is spent online.

  • Sasuke

    I don’t care if this whole experience is 10 hours long. It doesn’t matter if the content provided doesn’t help me ‘enjoy’ what I’m playing due to all the things they are making conscious decisions to restrict in giving us. We are only getting two new characters, spectator mode and 8 player endless, and a 10 hour adventure mode/story tie in? This game started as a wreck and now it is 100% dead. If there is ever another Naruto game in the future let’s hope CC2 have no business with it.

    • TheGameTagerZ

      CC2 lacks in a lot of areas where other developers don’t, but I have to give it to them for presentation and the gameplay is pretty decent (maybe not solid in the bigger picture). At the very least I can say that CC2 paved a way for developers to strive for better anime games.

      • Julien01091

        The gameplay isn’t decent at all, it’s all broken, with characters like naruto or those stupid block dash support. They never did, never did something for the fans of the game. NEVER. They may have put the edo kage in storm revolution, but that was dumb, they were supposed to be in the game at first. Like why do you make combos for characters if ur not gonna make them playable. But I guess they did pave a way for other developers.

        • TheGameTagerZ

          That’s why I said maybe not in the bigger picture, but I disagree I think the combat is acceptable (no that doesn’t mean great, excellent or perfect). The only initial complaints people gave that wasn’t technical was the single button system. Even the deepest fighters have their technical “broken” issues.

          • darkness

            So what Naruto Videogames said about us not getting anymore characters is true or does Namco Bandai knows something.

            • TheGameTagerZ

              I haven’t kept up with their Twitter so I couldn’t tell you honestly.

              • darkness

                Oh and I just don’t understand why CC2 has trouble giving us the characters that we want playable into the game. Not to mention the 23 empty character slots that has yet to be felled up.

        • Ahtma

          What they probably learned from the Edo Kage being added in Revolution is that even if fans are upset about it it’s ultimately not worth the effort because nobody uses them.

      • Ahtma

        Visually, most definitely. CC2’s a massive trendsetter imo for cinematics in anime games.

  • Clark Witness

    OMFG. Nice job, CC2. Some new characters and “WE MADE SUCH A BEAUTIFUL DLC ISNT IT?”. I cant understand this. It is better to do nothing then this. F**k off Shikadai, Metal Lee, main villains Momoshiki and Kinshiki. BETTER MAKE MINI-GAMES IN ADVENTURE MODE. Okay. Nevermind.I refuse to buy it.

  • ShingenUchiha

    This is Bullshit.. only 6 – 7 “new” Characters… WTF?!?! Where dafuq is Ashura, Indra, Izuna, Shikadai, Yurui, War Madara, Pre Gaiden Sasuke and Naruto, Toneri, new Movesets for all other characters like Shikamaru or maybe for 8th Gates Guy?! Wtf he can use the 8th Gates but his Moveset is still the same bullshit like by all other games??? Wtf CC2 Bandai Namco how can u bring out the Final Storm game without any new Characters or more Features like Wallfighting, Jutsu Clash or even Combo customizing? Poor really poor…

  • PurexedSolitude;

    CC2 really knows how to displease their fan base.

    Not once, but twice now that they add certain characters but fail to actually add the main antagonists opposite to said characters.

    (Toneri, and Kinshiki) absolutely retarded.

  • Raios Rogue

    Stay away From THIS DLC

  • adwad

    Stupid idiots, gimme my money back, I paid for my Boruto and my sarada and now ur giving em away like nothing. FK YOU.

  • LeeHatake93

    It’s the final Storm game, but they never said it’ll be their last Naruto game.
    Get ready for “Boruto: Ultimate Ninja Legacy” in a few years when the Boruto manga and anime get past the movie’s plot.