Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2’s Second Downloadable Pack Brings In Champa, Vados, New Masters & More


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  • Kamuikenshi

    Maybe now people will stop assuming that all the Goku Black arc characters are coming in DLC Pack 2 also.

    • Rehsa

      Rose and Zamasu have been confirmed with one of the last trailers

      • Kamuikenshi

        They were confirmed to be in the season pass.People think they’re in Pack 2 with Vados and Champa,which isn’t the case.

  • randy191993

    I don’t care what we get as long as we can finally go SSB ourselves. Come on Bamco… don’t be dicks…

  • Yotomoe

    The only character I want is Arale.

  • Silver

    Super Saiyan 4 Transformation would be neat to have.
    That or Great ape.
    It’d be cool if that made that for Xenoverse 2.