Dragon Ball: Zenkai Battle V-Jump Scan Shows Metal Cooler’s Various Techniques

In Arcade

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  • beeboybobby_87609

    I’ve seen video gameplay of this character and here’s what i got from it:

    -If cooler is hit with a physical type super attack (ex: kaioken combo), his armor breaks and begins to spark red. he’s unable to do physical attacks.
    -if he is hit a a ki bast super (ex: kamhameha) the same apply except he sparks blue and is unable to do ki based moves. this includes homing dash.
    over a period of time, he will regenerate his armor or use “HIGH SPEED REPAIR” to instant regenerate it back, though this uses a lot of ki.

    if he is hit with both a ki based and physical based super he literally becomes a sitting duck until his armor returns. when his armor returns, he recieves a MASSIVE defense boost. even being able to tank Cell’s self destruct.

    here’s a link to some footage i found: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DPL42dAQeu0&t=150s

    EDIT: the time it take for cooler to regenerate both of his armors at the same time IS A WHOPPING 25 IN-GAME SECONDS!