Super Saiyan Rose Goku Black, Zamasu & Bojack Join The Xenoverse in April


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  • chris

    Any chance that we might see SSB Vegito or SSJ2God Ki trunks?

    • mosdra

      Maybe free dlc or the last dlc

    • Rhafty

      Ssjrage trunks? i don’t know. but if i remember right but they did say Ssb vegito was a possibility.
      (can’t remember if they out right announced him or not… sorry)

    • BatmanDaGAWD

      Probably next dlc, after all thats how they did the first 2 packs, 2 characters, then 2 characters and story content

  • Madara Uchiha


  • Cortney Flynn

    Can we get our saiyan tails for a second equip?

  • Cortney Flynn

    This dlc comes out tomorrow so excited