Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm Trilogy & Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker Announced for PS4


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  • KonjikinoSora

    It’s weird how the “Maker” portion of the info box doesn’t seem to tell us the developers anymore. I agree with Tim’s decision to translate the word as “Company,” since we know that Bandai Namco is not developing Shinobi Strikers. It makes me wonder if they are making the trilogy, though. If so, it could be a bad port…
    I’m very excited for the trilogy, as the Storm games are some of my favorites, but I wanted more. It would be amazing to have all 5 on one disc. More than that, I would want a port of Heroes 3. I really want to try its 4-player mode.
    After seeing Storm 4 in 60FPS, I really want to see it in the collection, but I’m not expecting it. I also don’t expect to see “all DLC” included. I can’t see them having the Goku and Hello Kitty costumes, since they weren’t in Full Burst.

    • STigersPrank

      Maybe they know we wont buy it if its CC2 again hahahaha

  • STigersPrank

    Imo the graphics are not CC2 like so its either another company or another engine they r using…either way its not appealing :/ hope it turns out good tho, thx shonen for reliably reporting us the news 🙂