One Piece Unlimited World Red Deluxe Edition PS4, Switch & PC Trailer Released


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  • I guess I’ll return to the game and play the localised version for the first time, I can’t actually recall all of the reasons I hate this game since it has been 4 years since the 3DS original but it definitely ran far beyond a lack of costumes (though that too!).

    I want to see them improve the gameplay and structure for a sequel while keeping this performance and visual presentation if possible.

    I honestly hope this 1 million copies sold goes to something good since Gaist Crusher (also a 2013 3DS action game) got solid improvements the following year with less than 10K sales. Attack on Titan 3DS did a similar thing while we just have tons of ports for World Red effectively.

    Nice that the PC is getting a version though. I look forward to the mods and might get that version as well.