Dragon Ball FighterZ Interview: No Crossplay Planned, Update on Switch Version


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  • randy191993

    So basically they won’t make Fighter Z for Switch because then people wouldn’t buy Xenoverse for the third time.

    • Joey Zwart

      Also, the switch is a weak platform, so they’d have to really downgrade the game.

      • Fernando Garcia

        The Switch is portable however, something that can’t be done with other versions.

      • carlos holguin holguin

        this game is not that demanding jesus.. switch can play it with the same graphics like other consoles

      • JohnnyBravoo

        Why do they have to downgrade the game? lmao

        It’s a 2D fighting game, Blazblue was running on the Vita just fine.

        It’s like people think this is Star Citizen or something.

        • MajinPoo

          It’s a 100% 3D cell shading game like guilty gear Xrd, all the characters and stages are 3D models made in Unreal Engine 4!
          Seeing how peolple can still think it’s 2D shows how talented arc system are, they really made a wonderfull job!
          The Switch cant handle the current state of the game, if the port happens, you will definitely see a downgrade no doubt!

      • Childish Corbino

        in their initial statement the headline was “Hardware isnt the issue”

      • strangerbeat

        lol so the Switch is powerful enough to run Xenoverse 2, but not FighterZ? yeah okay.

  • Hollywood Confessor II

    I’ll buy, if there’s a robust story mode that last at least a few hours with cinematic and unique storyline. I’m not really into competitive online play anyway, so offline/1 player mode is my priority.

    • Richieeeee

      prepare to be disappointed then.

  • strangerbeat

    if you want FighterZ on Switch, buy Xenoverse 2. If Xeno doesn’t sell well enough, they won’t think the effort will be worth it.

    • Envy-Noson

      That’s blackmail, Xenoverse was mediocre at best and the only thing it had going on was being a Dragon Ball game. If the game was an original Ip it would flop.