Dragon Ball FighterZ Piccolo and Krillin Scan Translations Detail Abilities and Unblockables


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  • Jedi

    Nice translations, and its cool to see Piccolo & Krillin in this style (even if they were fairly obvious adds)

    • TheGameTagerZ

      Yeah they were obvious. I think it will be obvious for another two months before we see some new additions.

      • superturbo

        Like maybe; Roshi, Tienshinhan and Yamcha. Which i think is more than likely since this is 3-on-3 fighting game. Reckon it’ll be Roshi rather than Chaozu to make the human based team more balanced and logical for a fighting game of this kind. And after 6 more additional heroes maybe Arc Systems will add in the Androids far as antagonist villains go (Freeza, Cell and Majin Buu being the only 3 DBZ foes in the title thus far?). And we’ll possibly see the likelihood of the twins; Android 17 & Android 18. With the large Android 16 as their third member, naturally!