Our Roster Picks for Dragon Ball FighterZ | ShonenGames


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  • LeeHatake93

    Nice list.
    If Black isn’t his own character, he can always be a premier skin for Goku. I like the idea of Merged Zamasu being in, though. He’s one of my favorite villains.
    Also, nice callback to Launch. Not many people request her in DBZ games, especially since she was basically tossed aside by Toriyama as soon as Z started.

    • Mardisen

      Making a skin for a character in DBFZ is almost as hard as making a new character because they would have to remake shadows and shaders and things…(idk I’m not a designer), so it would be more profitable for them to put him in the cast than making it a skin

  • Navok76

    Broly just ruined the list

  • Yohann Piga

    Yajirobe, Kamesenin and Lunch won’t make the cut, that’s obvious.

  • Mardisen

    Android 17 is pretty much confirmed. His english VA stated in an interview that he hasn’t done the voiceover in Super but he finished the DBFZ ones, consequentially Android 18 will probabily be in

  • LanePlain

    I feel Gogeta would be a much better then Vegito tbh