Our Thoughts On Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker So Far


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  • randy191993

    I agree. We have seen a few gameplay videos and they looked… bad. The textures are nice, but the models look like they were ripped straight from the PS2 games. Now, i don’t really care for graphics, so i could overlook that easily. But the gameplay… oh boy. It looks like it’s trying to copy Dragonball Budokai Tenkaichi tag Team from the PSP, which was a fairly fun game. But it just fails. Everything looks very floaty and yet stiff at once. There doesn’t really seem to be a consistent way of aiming. I mean when you can miss something the likes of Shukaku despite having it locked on at 3 feet distance then your games aiming is really fucked up. The fights just look kind of empty. Yeah there is a lot going on but nothing really seems to matter any.

    I felt like that in a way weaker form when playing Jump Victory VS Plus on PS4. None of your punches really had any…. “ompf” to them. And it looks a million times worse here. It seems like a overly simplified victory vs clone. Victory Versus was still somewhat enjoyable. But this game here looks terrible. There is a reason people call it Naruto: Battle of Z. And i can easily see it be just as disappointing. I agree that it is nice to get something different to the Storm games for once. They weren’t bad but it’s nice to have something new. I was a great fan of the Path of a Ninja and Ninja Destiny serieses. But this? No thanks.

  • Darien Dees

    Is this game going to have OFFLINE game modes?

  • Ben Frank Gang 😈

    Has a release date been announced?

  • Mad God Morgoth

    Personally I got sick of the Storm series easily since the entire series plays and looks the same. Plus I got sick of Naruto but I still keep up to date with game releases just in case someone catches my eyes. I was almost interested in Striker but the more I look at it the more disappointing it becomes. Plus the fact it’s from the devs of Devils Third is absolutely hilarious seeing how poorly that game did. Although Devils Third looks so much better by comparison.

    I really do appreciate the opinionated articles you post like this now and again, the way you dudes write and speak to your readers is so personal and casual. This site definitely deserves more attention.

    • TheGameTagerZ

      And we appreciate you thank you for your opinion as well.

      We’re working on trying to be known a lot more. Hopefully the content speaks for itself.

      • Sha- Rinnegan

        Sasuke Uchiha is my character.

  • Dilbert

    Could we please get an open world RPG or strategy or anything besides another fighter? Hell I’d settle for a blank open world sandbox. No missions, no NPC’s, nothing but running around throwing rasenshurikens and blowing up trees and stuff. That would be more desirable to purchase than another fighter.