Dragon Ball FighterZ Interview Reveals Why 18 was Chosen Over 17, No Alternative Costumes at Launch


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  • Navok76

    “since there’s not that many female characters, we decided to have Android 18.”
    Ok that’s reasonable.
    But saying that A17 and A18 have similar attack skills makes no sense

    • Elijah Dzitrie

      But they do actually have similar fighting style attacks. If they aren’t Goku or Vegeta they don’t want to be redundant with the playable characters. Personally I think even SSBlue variations are unnecessary.

      • Navok76

        I know they have but i say it’s bad excuse

  • jshep23

    Love this art style. Would like a Xenoverse game with these exact visuals

  • superturbo

    I say mans is lying and Android #17 is in the game anyhow!

    Similar fighting game characters have always been in fighting games from day one. One need not sacrifice a male twin in 17’s case, in order to show off the other who’s female in the game, simply because they’re too similar to each other. Android 17’s “Super” for example should be made to be different from his sister’s and taken from the “DBZ – Trunks TV movie”* where they flies towards their opponent (alternate DBZ Earth adult Gohan) and along with his sister (whom he zips from behind her) as a partner; Beats up on the adversary, then 17 proceeds to finish off the opponent in the game by using a ki attack combo.


    Minor variancy between the twins would allow them to still play different from each other despite their similarities. Making 17’s hit boxes better at close range and allowing him a different Supers from his sister would just add to his slightly different playstyle. 17 having his “forcefield” as his major defense/armor (Android #17 Vs Piccolo). While Android #18 could be made to be much better at zoning with ki blasts and have a regenerative lifebar (Android #18 Vs SSJ Vegeta) allowing them differences in attack and defense. Just because they’re twins doesn’t mean they have to be complete clones and fight exactly the same way?! Being similar but playing differently from each others easily references; Ryu & Ken from Street Fighter or; Hanzo Hattori & Kotaro Fuuma from World Heroes! Leaving out Android #17 is crazy talk, and isn’t the game supposed to be 3 Vs 3??!

    Seems to me; Androids #16, #18 could do with #17 making their group 3 right!