V-Jump Scan Reveals Naruto Shinobi Striker Closed Beta Coming Soon


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  • Navok76

    Nothing new at all, just wanted a new character reveal (like Madara)

    • TheDBZSquirrel .

      i agree they should give us new info instead of this

  • Dj OJ

    I Would Like Some Beta Access My Xbox Is Two Nanolist

  • Mason

    I would like to leave my opinion on how u should pick ur trainer/or should I say be picked by the trainer. After a match in the game there will be a cutscene that will introduce you to a mentor depending on the type u choose they will come to u say that they think u have strong potential and would want to train u. I’m saying let it be a little bit of a challenge to get a teacher

  • Mason

    Let the mentor u want to have show a requirement list on what ur character has to do to het the mentor they want for shinobi strikers

  • Ethan Eldridge