Naruto Blazing and Ninja Voltage NYCC Interview with Producer Masahiro Shirasaki


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  • Navok76

    Damn, i really wanted to know if Blazing festival characters will get a limit break or not :

    • Oriks

      It probably would have been a no comment, because it’s never gonna happen.

      • Navok76

        Maybe they will do it next year

      • Geonix “飛段 Hidan” 34

        Or he didn’t know what to say, either is acceptable

    • Raymond Vankenie

      heart itachi is from blazing fest and hes limit breakable

      • Navok76

        He first was on normal banner before he turns to be Blazing festival exlusive

    • Miguel pacheco

      What? Did u guys forget about Lee, Zabuza, Itachi and Wisdom Kid Gaara who are fest characters with LB?

      • Navok76

        They were on normal banner before they turn to be Blazing fest exclusives

        • Miguel pacheco

          Theyre still fest exclusives

          • Miguel pacheco

            Also, wisdom kid gaara started as exclusive and he is limit breakable

  • PrinceD19

    On Naruto Blazing can we get a messaging box so we can talk to our friends