UPDATED: Gotenks, Ultimate Gohan and Kid Buu Revealed for Dragon Ball FighterZ in This Month’s V-Jump


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  • Lucifer
    • jakdripr

      The buttom left one kinda looks like Ginyu, but the top right one definitely looks like Beerus. Was hoping for Beerus so this’ll be a nice addition.

    • Vitor Braz

      looks like hit and roshi

    • Bryan

      There’s three ssjblue’s there too and they each have different looking icons. Vegito confirmed?

      • disqus_RMaEcqNAFj

        2 goku’s

  • Navok76

    I don’t like Kid buu’s art but his gameplay is decent, and the way this Gohan does Kamehameha is cool

  • AsianLookingHi

    Finally the time has come for the actual wanted characters to come