My Hero Academia: One’s Justice Developed by Byking


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  • Thats a cool Game play style. Not what I expected.
    Really looking forward to see what they do with Hero.

  • Mad God Morgoth

    I’m glad CC2 isn’t working on this, I was afraid it would have been Storm clone.

    Never heard of these devs before, I’m excited to see the gameplay in action in the upcoming trailer!

  • HolyNova Entertainment™

    Depending on how they execute the gameplay. My Hero Academia: One’s Justice has a huge amount of potential.

  • Sol badass

    Wooooaaahhh. This was unexpected. All they’re games look great. I hope this one has the same arcadey feel to it

  • Menacing~~~

    Gunslinger Stratos and Rise of Incarnates look like fun. Too bad they’re on PC though

    Looking at them gave me hope for this game

  • Neferpitou

    That’s great news. I remember Gunslinger Stratos being really fun. If the upcoming Bnha game is going to give us as much freedom around the maps as Gunslinger Stratos does, it’s going to feel fantastic.

  • TheDBZSquirrel .

    i hope this will be on pc

  • AnonymousNaruto2000

    I wonder where this game will cover to, and how many characters will be in it? There’s so many that would be great to play as. I really hope this has an English Dub too…

    On a side note, I know it’s a longshot, but it would be awesome if the characters from the Vigilantes spinoff made an appearance too. There’s some cool characters like The Crawler, Knuckleduster & Stendhal (though the latter would be an alt for Stain if Vigilantes content were included). Imagine Queen Bee fighting with her bees injecting drugs into her opponent in conjunction with randoms injected with Trigger helping her for attacks. Beating up Captain Celebrity would be neat too.

  • The Lost Eye

    these guys make sense since they look like they can do like flying around and quick movement like in my hero academia that would be amazing to have in a game my expectations arent to high but i expcept it will good