One Piece: World Seeker’s Development Began in Commemoration of One Piece’s 20th Anniversary


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  • Mysterious Man

    Wait are you serious? That’s such a short development. We better get this game late 2018, video games need at least a year of work, especially for an open world game. The One Piece VR game is definitely giving this game more time whatever it turns out good or bad.

    This is so surprising because Siliconera interview for One Piece Burning Blood, Koji Nakajima literally hinted the next One Piece game and this it. I expected it in development since last year, not at the last second. The developers have to be super talented to get this much done in just couple of months.

    I honesty feel like this game might be only single player action adventure with Luffy as the main character, but I will just wait for the trailer.

    • stefy g

      🤔you are right

  • Nightmare Luffy

    Wowww good 😍