Dragon Ball FighterZ Adds Goku Black, Beerus and Hit and Also Teases Dramatic Finishes


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  • Ha Ali


  • Damon Sherman

    i would always lose playing Nappa against Yamcha because I want to had to get the Saiyba man winning pose.

  • Menacing~~~

    MMMMMYES. We just need Broly and we are set.

    • muteproxy

      Nah, it looks like main canonverse only.

      • UltraInstinctVegeta

        Cannonverse? What, everything super is cannon.

        • Santiago Fuentes

          Broly isnt from super famalam

          • Alenar

            Don’t need Broly anyway. And now i wait for the pitchforks

      • Menacing~~~

        I see you’re new to DB games.

        • muteproxy

          I see you’re new to following this particular DB game.

    • Marek Witczynski

      Either Broly or Kayle but as DLC most likely.

    • airborntyler

      NO NO BROLY HES BEEN USED WAY TO MUCh. sorry my broly annoyance is showing, Hes been in way to many games if they add him i want him to be a side dlc character not base game.

      • Jaymes Thomas

        he will be dlc obviously, aside from that info being leaked like goku black and zamasu was weeks ago

  • Tytral Montgomery

    Is this dlc or main roster?

    • MrMushin

      main roster

  • Gordon Ward

    I’m dying waiting for those translations.