Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Adds A New Mysterious Original Character, & New Costumes


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  • randy191993

    Please don’t say that new outfit is the “New form for Son Goku”. Everyone was pretty pumped about Ultra Instinct Goku…

  • Navok76

    That moment when they add this nerd instead of Super mira

    • Scott Baker

      Super mira is db heros… xenoverse is following dbo remver dbo is where it started so they wont add stupid hero variants if they did we would got super mira instead of ssj4 mira

      • Navok76

        Super mira doesn’t really belong to Dragon ball heroes, he was originally designed for Xenoverse 2

        • Josou Kitsune

          heroes is also made by dimps

          • Navok76

            Super mira appeared in xenoverse first before db heros, this won’t change anything

            • Ren_Kudo

              Super Mira was never in dragon ball xenoverse, what are you referring to?

              • Navok76

                I mean xenoverse 2

                • Jarius

                  No the one in xenoverse 2 is mira final form when he merged with towa the real and original super mira was in dragon ball heroes.

  • Ren_Kudo

    Fuu is the perfect warrior, Mira’s power with Towa’s mind he shouldn’t be taken lightly. Oh yea xenoverse 3 might have the time war fro dbo if fuu is here right???

    • Orion

      I would like to see new form for Towa