Bakugou Joins My Hero Academia: One’s Justice As A Playable Character


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  • “similar to J-Stars Victory Versus. but hopefully, it plays nothing like it” – A man of taste I see.

    I tried Rise of Incarnates and despite that not being the best alternative to Gundam Vs, even that shows a lot of potential from Byking. Wish them the best and I honestly don’t expect a big roster.

    • Giorno Gioflamingo

      As long as they have all of Class 1-A, All Might, Eraser Head,Toga Himiko, Dabi, and maybe All For One, I’ll be fine with the roster.

  • Mad God Morgoth

    J Stars certainly is flawed but I think set up a good standard/foundation for future anime fighting games to follow up on and vastly improve. Burning Bloods gameplay is like a refined J Stars too, but One’s Justice looks so much more fast paced and smooth! I have high hopes for it!

    • Giorno Gioflamingo

      Couldn’t agree with you more. This doesn’t look nearly as stiff as J-stars or Burning Blood. It looks really smooth to combo into special attacks and it’s nice to see you’re not always magnetized to your opponent when dashing.