Dragon Ball FighterZ Strategy Guide Revealed, Contains Unlockable Code for Android 21


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  • Menacing~~~

    Is it just an early unlock code?

    • Gary White

      Yeah. She can be unlocked through story.

      • Bailarina Ninja masoquista

        okay good.

    • randy191993

      Yeah. It says so on the scan “Normally you unlock her by beating the game and fullfilling certain conditions. But with this code you’ll have her from the beginning!”

      So you will get her playing normally, it’s just faster with the code.

  • Casey Rinaldi

    Really hope there’s an English version of this too! I know they’ve tended to go the way of the Dodo Bird with all of the online Apps and balance patches these days, but I LOVE Strategy Guides, and this looks like it’ll be a GREAT ONE!

  • Kenneth Kalousek

    prepare for her unlock code to be on the internet Day 1