Dragon Ball FighterZ DLC Characters Possibly Leaked (Debunked)


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  • Silver

    if this is true, this is amazing. I’ll totally be buying the Fighterz pass for Bardock and Kid Goku (and maybe for Broly as well) .

  • Serena Bergstrom/Punkocalypse

    Cool I prefer this to raditz regular saiyans g and v and as soon as KEFLA is available she’s my team captain!

  • randy191993

    It would be kinda dumb to put in Janemba and not Gogeta. Especially since Gogeta is perfect for this game. I mean he only ever appeared as super saiyan anyway, and his fighting style is very acrobatic and cinematic. He’d be perfect

    • Serena Bergstrom/Punkocalypse

      Maybe in the next dlc pass!

    • Kamuikenshi

      Gogeta has very little to work with in terms of moves and we have enough Saiyans as it is, especially if Vegito(who is the more marketable fusion to begin with) ends up being a thing along with Broly and Bardock.

      Janemba has so much more going for him both in terms of gameplay and visuals, the choice is obvious.

      • Zero

        “Gogeta has very little to work with in terms of moves”.

        Guess the other dbz games, GT, the movie and the fact he can use any combination of their moves like Vegito is ignored lol.

        I do agree that Janemba should go be in the game! If we get both that’s even better.

        • Kamuikenshi

          I’m talking about actual unique moves that Gogeta could have, which pretty much end at Stardust Breaker. Using Goku’s and Vegeta’s moves is all fine and well but it doesn’t add anything new to the game.

          Vegito has stuff like Spirit Sword that would actually do a good job differentiating him from Goku and Vegeta in terms of gameplay.

          • Zero

            You mention how Vegito has more unique stuff but only mention one unique attack which pretty much ends at Spirit Sword. Like how Gogeta pretty much ends at Stardust Breaker lol.

            Actually he’s used clones, big bang Kamehameha (bluff version as well), stardust breaker, eye beam attack and more. All those being unique.

            As mentioned before, he can use ANY move from Goku or Vegeta (from instant trans, to galick gun, to Destructo disk to final flash to solar flare and etc).

            They’re BOTH the same technique wise it’s just that Vegito has been used canonically.

            • Redblur

              They both strike and fight entirely different, as a Gogeta fan myself though I’d still want Vegito more if they were to utilize his cross arms style as a stance that switches his normals.

              • Zero

                When I say “technique” that was just for special moves (which I gave examples of). My main point (to the guy i was replying to) was that Gogeta has just as much to work with as Vegito.

                Their differences in this game (besides one being blue) would be how they utilize those techniques and strikes. Similarly to how blue Goku/Vegeta fight differently compared to SS forms.

            • Kamuikenshi

              I mentioned Spirit Sword specifically because that’s the main thing Vegito has that would separate him in terms of gameplay.

              For example he could have significantly more ranged options compared to Goku and Vegeta in the game, also he could have rekkas with the Spirit Sword as well. Even a full screen grab, there are a lot of possibilities.

              Gogeta doesn’t really have anything to add in terms of gameplay, just pretty visuals and reusing moves already in the game. Gonna need a lot more than that to justify his inclusion when he isn’t even as popular as Vegito.

              Regardless, I don’t think he has any chance to be in.

              • Zero

                “I mentioned Spirit Sword specifically because that’s the main thing Vegito has that would separate him from other characters.”

                Just like how I mentioned Gogeta has stardust breaker, clones, eye beam attack and can ALSO use any combination of Goku/Vegeta moves. Idk if you’re just ignoring that part or what?

                Vegito just sounds like another Goku Black Rose from the way you put it. Obviously how he uses his combined techniques is what will make him different (the SAME applies to Gogeta).

                “Gonna need a lot more than that to justify his inclusion when he isn’t even as popular as Vegito.”

                Being popular has no impact on character inclusion nor our debate (Nappa is in the game yet everyone puts a million characters over him).

                • ShenronKeeper7⃣

                  Vegito has spirit sword- Final Kamehameha- that split shot thing in xenoverse- plus can use the combination of both- also the fact how Vegito was so liked that Akira toriama had put him in the trunks arc just for fan service. How weird would to be to see ssj4 gogeta to use stardust breaker- or regular gogeta to use any of the ssj4 moves

                  • Zero

                    Both of them have a plethora of moves from the series and games to pull from. That’s been my entire point. Gogeta had just as much moves to use. OP has been trying to discredit Gogeta has if he has nothing to use for this game.

                    “How weird would to be to see ssj4 gogeta to use stardust breaker- or regular gogeta to use any of the ssj4 moves”

                    It wouldn’t be weird at seeing as those he’s done that in other games and plus he’s a fan favorite as well. Any fan would love to use ss4 Gogeta (or any ss4 character) in this game. You honestly wouldn’t?

                    • Deonta Sanders

                      Let’s be real gogeta would be the real money maker people are still roaring for the gogeta fusion to happen in super.

                      If included I’d hope it’s ssj4 I mean they even put the theme for it in the anime music pack

                      Stardust, eye beam,big bang kamehameha times 100.

                      Besides who wouldn’t want gogeta, vegito, and kefla.

                      An all fusion team

                • Kamuikenshi

                  Yes, popularity matters, especially when you’re asking people to spend extra money on characters. Nappa got in the game because of the Saibamen gimmick that makes him interesting in terms of gameplay, the thing you still don’t seem to get. That and being a bigger build character.

                  You keep bringing up stuff that would mostly just be eye candy and very little of actual substance.

                  And besides Nappa got in the base game, were discussing possible DLC here so not sure what he has to do with this.

                  Vegito is more marketable than Gogeta, that’s just a fact, even more so when you take Super into consideration. Having both would be a waste of resources so the choice will be Vegito. That’s all there is to it.

                  Anyway, it’s clear that I’m just talking to a wall of bricks here so I’ll go ahead and stop replying.

                  • Zero

                    Whether he’s more marketable or popular was never what the discussion was about. You shifted it towards that when you said “Gonna need a lot more than that to justify his inclusion when he isn’t even as popular as Vegito”.

                    “You keep bringing up stuff that would mostly just be eye candy and very little of actual substance.”

                    So me bringing up actual reasons to why he does not have “very little to work with in terms of moves” is now just “eye candy and little of actual substance”. I gave you examples and reasoning, yet you just clearly tossed that to the side because “it just wasn’t enough for you”.

                    Yet I’m the brick wall lol. Come back when you have some actual substance to add to the discussion.

              • kambei unos

                Dragonball series, since Z has always been about the Saiyan’s no matter how you look at it, it has never been about anyone or anything else. Saiyan Saga is self explanatory. Frieza saga talks about the extermination of who? Saiyan’s. Cell Saga was Cell having the DNA of who? Cells. And Gohan doing what? Unleashing Saiyan rage. But saga was trunks and Goten fusing and the arrival of ssj3 which are all saiyan abilities. If you don’t like the characters that you don’t want in, you don’t have to make excuses like “he doesn’t have enough of a move pool” or he “isn’t flashy enough” when that’s definitely not the case, given games like the Tenkaichi series you would be hella wrong. Arc will put in the characters that fans actually want to see. Of course that means more Saiyan characters overall but that’s what happens you create a story line centered in that

                • Kamuikenshi

                  This has nothing to do with me not liking the character but let me say it again since you clearly didn’t understand from the post you replied to.

                  This is a fighting game, characters have to serve a purpose and be different as far as gameplay to justify them as worthy additions.

                  Being Saiyan isn’t a good enough reason, especially when the most relevant Saiyans are either already in the game or almost definitely coming as DLC(Bardock, Broly and Vegito).

                  Not only is Gogeta less popular he doesn’t have anything to make him interesting in a fighting game. Pretty cinematics and reused moves may fly in half assed 3d arena DB games but not here. Which is why your Tenkaichi example is trash.

                  • kambei unos

                    The thing that most people forget is that slot of dbz characters use the same moves. And with the way arc managed to create or even recreate certain moves they can look different. They can definitely get creative with the concept of a ki blast alone. You’re not very good at giving anyone a valid reason as to why he can’t be here. Lol you complained about “too many saiyans” which is what sparked my comment initially. And you’re trying to convince everyone that a perfectly valid character who has their own unique move pool, can’t exist in a game soley because of a shared move pool. Considering how man characters have the Kamehameha wave your argument ain’t that strong.

                    • Kamuikenshi

                      I wasn’t complaining about too many Saiyans. Can you read? I simply said there were enough to the point where Gogeta would serve no purpose since he has nothing interesting as far as gameplay, especially if Vegito gets in which he obviously will seeing as he’s the more popular fusion and Spirit Sword will separate him from the other characters in game.

                      And the fact that this game needs more unique characters both in terms of design and abilities. Gogeta isn’t interesting, and not even the most popular so there you go. If you wanna play him pick whatever half assed arena game where you can see him throw fairy dust because he’s not gonna be in this one, sorry.

                    • kambei unos

                      *Cough* this guy doesn’t even remember his own original statements *cough* I think you should go back and read what you type in some of your comments and replies my guy. Lol even if you don’t your initial complaint of “there’s too many saiyans and another one wouldn’t be unique” is a lie.

        • Mar

          Everyone, honestly look up Gogeta, and what do you find? only him in the Janemba anime. There is nothing to work with other than his stardust breaker, a flying knee attack and a fast full screen attack. Look up Vegito, the difference is clear when it comes to reference. They aren’t able to make moves that make fans go “yes he fights like/similar he does in the anime/manga”.
          Clear choice is Vegito.

          • Zero

            “There is nothing to work with other than his stardust breaker, a flying knee attack and a fast full screen attack”

            As I told the guy above me, you’re clearly ignoring the moves he displayed in GT. Then there’s the Tenkaichi series, Shin Budokai/Budokai series etc…. Those are clear references (btw, Goku Black has moves from Xenoverse, another “game”).

            By your logic, there’s no Gogeta should have been in any of the other games because there wasn’t enough reference material. You know what they did for those games? They gave him moves and combinations based off Goku/Vegeta, the movie & GT.

            • Mar

              They aren’t going to use GT because that’s a totally different universe as this one is following Super and they definitely won’t use other game references as that is not an official source to go by. DBZ came from manga not a video game.
              They aren’t going to make up moves that he never used. A lot of the special and super attacks are referenced the anime not some game thus giving players the nostalgic feeling.

              Also it’s even confirmed that Janemba will be in it and as we all know dlc doesn’t have to come in pairs.

              • Zero

                Where has it been confirmed Janemba will be in the game? I never said anything about characters coming in pairs.

                “They aren’t going to use GT because that’s a totally different universe…”

                You nor I have no idea who they’re going to add and what determines the reason for said character(s) being added. Unless there’s an official statement then it’s a baseless reason.

                “They aren’t going to make up moves that he never used…”

                My point (which I thought was self explanatory) was that they have used other game moves as reference (hence my example of Black having moves from Xenoverse).

    • Menacing~~~

      Gogeta is on of my favorites but him over Janemba?? Janemba is like the most unique character in the DB series

      And calling a character with barely any material to work with “perfect” is just lol

      • randy191993

        But they belong together as enemies. You can’t really have one without the other. That would be like adding Frieza but not having Super Saiyan Goku playable.

        And yes, he is. He hasn’t shown much, but then characters in Fighter Z don’t do a lot either. They have two strings, a few super moves and a few lose moves. That’s considerably less than any other dragonball game, and a lot of these had Gogeta. Gogeta in the movie afaik has shown exactly two strings of combos and a super attack. That’s like 70% of the moveset of the character taken care of.

        • Menacing~~~

          You’re reaching. It’s nothing like that. Goku and Frieza don’t “belong together as enemies” they’re both just important characters and that’s it. Gogeta and Janemba aren’t important but Janemba is unique and unique characters are what fighting games need.

          Lol @ the stuff he did in the movie taking care of 70% of his moveset. You need to go in training mode and realize that characters aren’t just made up of two auto combos and a few super attacks. The stuff he did in the movie would barely even be 30% of a character.

    • Darryl “DarKnight” Goins

      I feel the exact same way.

  • superturbo

    “What do you think of this DLC leak? Did it meet your expectations?”

    Nope, but it doesn’t matter seeing as there’s a PC version and PC hacks will mod whatever Dragonball characters fans want anyways! Tapion ain’t in officially? Doesn’t matter PC modders will simply take Trunks in-game base for example. And toy around with him, and he’ll basically have a version be in there at no time at all within a few weeks or so. Same goes for; Cooler/Mecha Cooler (Freeza reworked?), Lord Slug, Turles, King Vegeta, Garlic Jr, Super Android 13, Bojack and all others who aren’t mentioned yet! By end of year the Dragonball Fighter Z PC version i reckon, is where all the fun creative fan stuff will be.

    Didn’t all the PC mods of; Grand Theft Auto V, Street Fighter V PC version and the WWE 2K Wrestling games teach people anything yet?!

    • Romero Santos

      But how much of it will actually look good?

  • Cameron J Kizer

    I really don’t want Jiren/Kefla. I don’t want Kefla because I find her annoying and really hate how overly popular she got. And don’t want Jiren because he literally has no personality, is incredibly Bland, serves no other purpose than to be a wall Goku need to overcome, and because he is insanely over hyped. Also I have a feeling that Kid could be Kid Gohan.

    • kisamehoshi

      jiren and kefla are fine LOL and we dont need kid gohan we got two gohan already

      so plz can u get better taste?

      • Serena Bergstrom/Punkocalypse


  • Anthony Reed

    Fused zamasu and Vegito blue all I ask for

    • Serena Bergstrom/Punkocalypse

      That too ditto

    • disqus_ZIFBlthwvF why

  • Kamuikenshi

    Just because they could give Gogeta some moves that doesn’t justify adding him. Characters in FighterZ tend to have some sort of gimmick or function that makes them different.

    With Vegito, like him or not his Spirit Sword would make him completely different from anyone else in the cast. There’s a lot Arc can do with that move alone. The rest of his movelist will be easy to get between his SS and SSB forms.

    Gogeta has nothing special going for him, he has flashy stuff for cinematic moves and that’s about it. That’s not enough, and with there being so many Saiyan characters already there’s just zero need for the guy when we can have characters with way better material.

  • Please be it Kefla SSJ2 and UI Goku :D. I hope there’s more DLC after this. Hyped.

    • Serena Bergstrom/Punkocalypse

      Me and SuperCHAOSXXX are of the same mind!

      • You mean on the game?

        • Serena Bergstrom/Punkocalypse

          OBVIOUSLY because that’s what were discussing don’t be confusing!

  • Lunos

    Well, to be fair, Gematsu has just confirmed that Broly and Bardock will be the first 2 DLC Characters, so… there’s that.

  • Olli4000

    I could see us getting something like this

    1. Bardock
    2. Broly
    3. Janemba
    4. King Dabura
    5. Goku SSJ4
    6. Vegeta SSJ4
    7. Jiren
    8. Kefla

    But this is just my speculation, others have their own but i would like to know what you guys think ^w^

    Besides we could always get Extra Packs to this as well since this seems to be doing much better than anything as of late due to its popularity as well as sell 🙂