Dragon Ball FighterZ – All Character Color References


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  • Enzevil

    I’ve noticed some of these before, nice to see them all!

  • Zero

    I picked up on these as well! Hopefully they do decide to do alternate costumes.

  • Your Local Krusty Krabs

    I agree with everything other than the hit i dont get that one i dont see how they’d have any form of relationship

    • The screenshot may be a bit brighter than her actual outfit, but her four main colors are reflected in hit’s palette. And aside from Guldo, they’re the only characters with abilities to control time.

      As far as I know, Hit doesn’t really have a reference to anyone else, but if you know a better match, I’ll change it.

    • Cloud AC

      It’s Magetta’s Color

    • ⠀Gary

      Supreme Kai of time and Hit uses time as a weapon in a sense of fighting. So I guess it’s a small reference in the best way possible

  • TheAnimeCircle

    Isn’t one of beerus’ outfit color identical to champa’s ?

  • Danshiro Miiman

    Where are the unreleased characters from?

    • lighto

      Files on pc

      • Danshiro Miiman

        oh i saw those lol