Dragon Ball FighterZ First Two DLC Characters Will Include Broly and Bardock


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  • Navok76

    I wanted Xeno bardock but damn, this one looks sick <3

  • david

    Caulifla is the true thing, the best ever <3 !!!

    • harohitman

      Caulifla milenia is the bootleg of broly

  • Tony

    Why not Kale and Caulifla? Sexist much? there are like 1/75 females in the game right now. Also Ribiriane and the other two girls would be an OK addition. Kefla, Blue Vegito too. Jiren, Pride Troopers, why not add more memorable Super characters? Stupid choice if you ask me. They’re not even part of the main series.

    • dean falkenberry

      Caulifla would be the best female character from super to have but none of the females are nearly as fan loved and iconic as broly and bardock. And ribiriane really? She one of the most annoying characters ever. Why not videl or pan from gt.

    • Multiplataformgamerz

      why anything today leads to “sexist”?
      it’s about interest, not being sexists

    • IPIay .

      Main series? You do realize Broly is one of the most iconic DBZ characters. And Bardock is so popular he got his own movie. FOH with this sexist shit, we need characters because they’re cool and unique and not characters because muh womyn or muh super.

    • André Diego de Paula

      I’ld be cool with Ribriane joining the roster, but “the other two”? Get real. You don’t remember their names yourself.

    • Jacob Miller

      Thank God you don’t make the decisions around here. You want to add a character nobody likes and 2 other female characters that you don’t even know the name of, just because their female. *uck outta here with that dumb crap. Please don’t use the word sexist if this is the first example that comes to mind when talking about sexism. also who the heck wants the pride troopers, most of them were useless.

    • Jicky

      lol u mad? tony boyyy