Combination Chain Magic Revealed for Black Clover: Quartet Knights in This Month’s V-Jump


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  • Menacing~~~

    I don’t know how I feel about the gameplay yet but finally a mechanic in these “team” fighting games that actually encourages teamwork.

    • Mysterious Man

      Did you forget Battle of Z?

      • Menacing~~~

        Whats in boz?

        • IIRC, that game allowed you to target allies and send energy to them (and also a Spirit Bomb or something I only played the demo).

          Out of the localised DBZ games with over 2 players, it is probably the one which focused on teamwork with dedicated mechanics the most.

          Zenkai Battle Royale which is a Japan only Arcade game sort of like Gundam Versus probably doesn’t compete, but who knows.

          • Menacing~~~

            Ohhh I know about the healing. Support roles don’t really encourage teamwork. They actually just make the rest of their team even more reckless

            Idk what this spirit bomb thing is tho. I barely played the demo aswell lol