Dragon Ball FighterZ Website Adds Character Pages for Bardock & Broly; Character Teaser Trailers Released


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  • “Teaser Trailer” is a term which is constantly put to the test by FighterZ. There was a point when I considered the smaller Smash Bros trailers which had no original animation like this one to count… Then it was FighterZ trailers which only lasted less than a minute.

    Looking at the Sonic trailer for Smash 4, even that had music (Woah!), other characters, unique non-gameplay camera angles, multiple stages, new voice clips (thanks to a new voice actor in English) and even a new stage for the character/franchise.

    This stuff for Broly and Bardock is barely above a GIF and doesn’t have music depending on which version you watch.

  • Zero

    How is Broly speed a C!? That man was shown being faster than all the people he fought. I’m confused lol.

    • Hedoro

      I’d imagine it’s because having the big swoll guy with trees for arms and likely a lot of super armour in his attacks also being fast as shit would be broken in a fighting game, they need to make him be balanced somehow