A New JoJo 2.5D Fighting Game by French Bread Could Be On The Way (UPDATE)


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  • Edenschicken

    Please be real

  • Joseph Joestar


  • Yes! Yes! Yes!

  • Casey Rinaldi

    Appreciate you Sourcing us, ShonenGameZ! Hopefully this ends up seeing the light of day, because it would be GREAT!

  • Crow Winters

    I would rather just have ASB 2 in 60 fps. I love French Bread’s past work but I don’t feel like their style of fighters fits JoJo at all.

    • Arsu_Bhai

      why is that?

  • Yohann Piga

    Fake. The American Dub is the last thing decided when it comes to japanese games. The fact that the leak indicates “an English dub provided by VIZ Media” shows it’s more the fantasy of a fanboy than the real thing.

    • Stephan Smith

      But VIZ Media does the dub for it and with the up and coming popularity of the series, I’m not surprised they’re looking to dub. Especially since Bandai holds the rights to the JoJo games atm. It seemingly falls into place.

      • Alex2480

        Warner Bros does the dub. Viz just got the BD rights to release it.

      • Yohann Piga

        Well it was confirmed as fake.

  • Jicky