Roronoa Zoro to Be Playable in Soulcalibur VI According to New Leaks


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  • Mad God Morgoth

    The last few 4chan game rumors/leaks have been busts so I’m not holding my breath, but it would be cool! And it would make sense with the running gag of Zoro getting lost lol

    • Casey Rinaldi

      To be fair, this is the guy who leaked the game’s existence, as well as details about Groh, before the game was even announced. He’s been right about everything so far, and has personally debunked those 4Chan leaks himself. He makes a lot of posts on 8WayRun and Reddit and has amassed a bit of a following. Plus, his stuff about FighterZ and SFV’s Season 3 lineup have been right on the money as well.

  • I think he would really work and Soul Calibur has already experimented with licensed characters from another medium just not ones that they own game rights for exclusively. Still I’m not going to bet till I see it.

    It will be funny if this is the first One Piece dub in a game in 10 years.