V-Jump Scan for World Seeker Reveals Luffy’s Elephant Gatling Gun, More Sabo and Rob Lucci Featured


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  • Mysterious Man

    Tashigi?! Oh yes!!!

  • Good, it isn’t a 3D One Piece game by Ganbarion without Rob Lucci and this is the first appearance of him in a game in this style I think… At least on a console or portable (a mobile game has fat Alvida playable in Thousand Storm I think – they are number one).

    Probably a good sign that we will have a decent range of enemy types like all of the Unlimited games (even World), We just need decent combat (which World didn’t have besides Town Platforming).

  • Lifestreamer

    Great stuff, the models are beautiful and clean, I mean, at this point I’m sure no one does 3D OP models or sprites better than Ganbarion, I just hope the content delivers too.