Review: Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker — The Next Generation of Naruto Games

  • k.

    It needs much more characters. 20 is just unacceptable and especially for a game that reuses animations from the Storm series.

    The only fighting games that would get a pass for that is arcade fighting games.

    Also say “replace RNG with drop rate”. RNG is just RNG

    • xxbrothawizxx

      Glad I’m not the only one that felt like some of what was shown looked eerily similar to scenes in the Storm series.

      I’d be there if this was a budget release. I got a negative impression from the beginning, but recently media at least makes it seem fun to screw around with. I guess I’ll be picking it up on BF or later.

      • k.

        Yeah but it’s not even “eerily similar”, they literally reused animations from Storm.

        And you should consider renting it if you want to play it. I wouldn’t even try to support this garbage project by buying a copy. Sale or no

  • randy19

    Personally, i like the concept of the game, but it’s way too clunky to really be enjoyable. Both the camera and the controls are very clunky and just make it feel like they could have needed another year to work that out. That with the graphics that look like they were ripped straight from the PS2 Ultimate Ninja games, with extremely basic charactermodels, it’s just not really good. Now i understand the low count of characters, since they had to remake all characters in that new awfull style, but still, overall it’s rather disappointing.

    But it is a good idea and a good foundation, and if they rework the controls, graphics and camera completely then Shinobi Striker 2 could be fun.