Jump Force PC Review: Fun, but Not Done

  • Mad God Morgoth

    I was really hyped for JF when it was first teased, but the odd character roster and weak looking story mode really turned me off. The gameplay I’m glad to know is a lot more balanced and fun than the clunky mess J-Stars turned out to be. If the cutscenes weren’t composed of emotionless puppets whipping around I’d sorta be more inclined, but I’m not getting this until it drops down significantly in price. I’m not paying full retail, it’s probably gonna fall to $20 – $40 in a short period of time.

  • Kingdom D. Gen

    TBH, its what I expected.
    Bandai really needs to cool it with the Online CAC games. Having one fine but pushing them out one after another is tiring and limiting the potential some of these franchises have.

    Thank god CC2 has a Dragon Ball game in the works.