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08-03-2014, 03:29 AM

Violations of the Forum Guidelines (http://www.shonengamez.com/forum/showthread.php?15-Forum-Guidelines) or rules established to create a polite and friendly environment to all our members at ShonenGameZ can be dealt with in various manners by the moderation staff. One of these methods is using the vBulletin® infraction system. The infraction system, as implemented here at ShonenGameZ, allows the moderation staff to issue both warnings and infractions to those users who need to be notified of a problem with their activity in the forums.


Warning - 0 Points, This is to bring attention to any borderline behavior. For first offenses of minor rules violations a warning may be issued. Although this level is part of the infraction system, I holds no negative effects to the users account with the exception that a warning is noted in that user’s account.

Minor - 2 Points, Spammed Advertisements, Insulted Other Member(s), Signature Rule Violation, Inappropriate Language. These will be lifted 10 days after receiving them.

Serious - 4 Points, and an account is jailed while they have four or more points.
At 8 points, you are banned until enough infractions expire for you to drop below 8.

Permanent Ban - 10 Points, which is generally only done for especially bad behavior or a general history of below acceptable behavior.

*Even at 10 points, you're not necessarily permanently banned, but you're really on some thin ice since 10 points takes quite a few infractions to achieve.

Current Infractions
Violation Description Points Period
Spammed Advertisements -2 10 Days
Insulted Other Member(s) -2 10 Days
Signature Rule Violation -2 10 Days
Inappropriate Language -2 10 Days

Custom Infraction
Both point value and period are determined by the moderator