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Here you can find information about blogs. If you want to learn how to use blogs when using the mobile layout of the forum, click this link (http://www.shonengamez.com/forum/showthread.php?354-Blogs-(Mobile-Layout)).

What is a blog, and why should I use one?

While forums are organized open discussions where anyone can create topics and reply, blogs are more personal and aren't restricted to any specific format. Users control their blogs. They allow us to customize the experience in different ways, essentially creating our own space on the internet. You can talk about anything, and you can choose who is allowed to view it, comment, and so forth.

How can I view blog entries? Where are they located?

There are many ways to locate blog entries.


Blog entries appear on a user's profile:


If you add a user as a friend, and they recently submit a blog entry, it will also appear on your profile's recent activities.


Forum Homepage

Alternately, blogs can be located at the bottom of the forum homepage, underneath ShonenGamez Forum Statistics. Click on the number after "Blogs" to view the complete list of blog creators. Click on the number after "Entries" to view the latest blog entries.


Lastly, blogs entries appear alongside users' posts, right underneath their post count number.


How to Get Started/How to create new blog entries

There are two ways to create new blog entries.

Option 1

It's simple! Go here: http://www.shonengamez.com/forum/blog.php

Then click "+ Create New Post", located on the top right of the page.

Once you've clicked "Create New Post," enter the title and subject of your entry. You can also add tags (Tags are a useful way to search for topics with similar content and subject matter. This complements the normal search system, which only searches for particular words or phrases and/or posts by specific users.), but this is entirely optional.


While creating your entry, there are Additional Options below "Post Now".


*The Allow comments to be posted option controls the commenting ability of your viewers. When this option is disabled, only you and blog moderators will be able to comment on the entry.

*The Moderate comments before posting option controls the visibility of comments. When this is enabled, comments by anyone other than you and blog moderators are invisible until you approve them.

*The Restrict entry viewing to Contacts and Blog Moderators option will restrict the viewing of an entry to just those members on your contact list and to moderators. This allows you to leave your blog open to all members but still have the ability to restrict viewing on an entry to entry basis.

Currently, I am not certain if the "Notify blogs linked within this blog entry" option is enabled. Though I'll explain how it works anyway. Essentially, it notifies other blogs that you have posted an entry in regard to them. You should always include the link to the other blog you are mentioning.

Option 2

Alternatively, if you find a post that contains information you would like to share/blog about, click "Blog this Post". You can select your own posts and/or posts from other users.


Then the post will be quoted and you can add on to it/edit it before submitting your entry. The Additional Options are also avaiable.


You have the option to save the draft and/or preview it before submitting. In this example, I previewed the post to see what it will look like before I submit it:


The Blog Control Panel

What is it?

The Blog Control Panel is where you manage your blog. From there, you can view Blog Settings that allow you to change the title of your blog, choose privacy settings, add/edit custom pages for your blog, etc.


How can I access it?

Here's how to access your Blog Control Panel (http://www.shonengamez.com/forum/blog_usercp.php)

1.) Click Settings at the top of the screen to go to your User Control Panel (http://www.shonengamez.com/forum/usercp.php):


2.) Search for "My Settings" in your user cp and click "Blog":


Blog Control Panel Settings

Edit Title and Description

Self-explanatory. Clicking it will allow you to create a title and descrition for your entire blog. If you don't make a title, your username will be the title of the blog instead.

Organize Sidebar

The blog sidebar contains the links to maintain your blog as well as information in regards to your blog and the other blogs that you may visit. Here's what the sidebar looks like. Pay close attention to the order of the blocks.


Therefore, by clicking "Organize Sidebar" in your Blog Control Panel settings, you can rearrange the sidebar blocks however you want:


Now look what happens when I changed the block order. The sidebar is different:


Edit - Oops! I accidentally posted the thread before I finished! I am still working on it. :sorry:

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