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10-15-2014, 08:09 PM
Well, here it is. Talk about the past 4 seasons of Legend of Korra here, peoples.

Also the game that is coming out soon as well.

Concerning the show, it has risen up into a level of doomsyness that gets me all emotional-like.

The show has apparently gotten dark enough to only be featured on the Nickelodeon website, and not on T.V. like a T.V. show would be.
(Although I gotta say, it kind of has and is progressing to get more mature/dark/emotional/whatever it's turning into)

I mean, that season 3 finale had me wanting to go- "WELL SH*T, WHAT HAVE I BEEN DOING WITH MY LIFE!?"

Concerning the game, tis being made by Platinum Games and published by Activision with it's own original storyline, and it comes out on the 21st, but their is nearly no info on that game other than a couple screenshots and a tiny bit of gameplay.

10-16-2014, 09:18 PM
I have to say, I am happy it rised from the season 2 level of "quality". There was literally only two good episodes, thank you Wan. And that final mecha battle was.......

11-16-2014, 06:41 AM
Oh what the f*ck. :/

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I simply cherished watching Avatar The Last Airbender the manner in which the characters were so well‑developed through the span of the ..

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nice post dear

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I named my cat after the main character :)

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