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    Oh not for me haha. They'll blow a smash casual like me out the water lol.

    When are we playing by the way?
  6. Kaguya's Avatar
    Here's news about an upcoming national tournament.
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    Meh stage builder lol. Was never too crazy about that. Event matches were fun I was highly addicted to those haha.

    Friend Code: 3282-2230-0344

    Just PM me whenever you're down to play.
  8. Kaguya's Avatar
    I don't own it. It's my friend's. Though I'm down to play a couple of matches or two, if I can add you.

    While grinding for custom specials in Smash Run, I ended up getting a lot of coins in the process.

    My favorite new stages are Magicant, Gerudo Valley, and Pac-Maze.

    I also think the Wii U version is getting more stages. I'm hoping it gets more game modes, too, though I'm sure it will. I miss event matches and the stage builder. It's possible that those modes can be transferred onto the 3DS. That would be great.
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    I too have the Japanese version. We should definitely play sometime.

    Trophies are a pain in the ass to unlock especially because the amount of money you get for certain things is like awful unless you have tips that I can earn fast money with?

    I like all of the I guess Final Destination recreation stages. As far as a favorite stage with a gimmick probably the new Fire Emblem Stage.

    I think the Wii U version will have more stages. Maybe will let us play in some classic Gamecube stages that aren't in the 3DS version.
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    I went to the Connichi 2 years ago. It's the largest manga and anime Con here in Germany. Can't believe i never went there before, it's just one hour away. Anyway, it was awesome, i met Panty & Stocking! And Scanty & Kneesocks! And so many Yoko Littners <3
    The crew from Studio Gainax was also there. Didn't do Cosplay that time, but i'm planing to do it the next time i go there. In the past i always wanted to try out Kisame Hoshigaki, he is one of my favorites, but since i read Berserk two years ago, i'm thinking of doing a Gatts Cosplay. Although that might be a bit difficult for a beginner. The sword is not very difficult, but the armor... thats a whole different thing. I've seen a lot of tutorials for craft foam armors, people making Mass Effect, Halo and Ironman armors, it's doesn't look that complicated, but you need to know what you're doing. Should be possible. I'm sure it would look awesome because i also have the size for it, i'm 2metres tall, 6.5 feet.
  11. Kaguya's Avatar
    No problem. ^_^ I didn't know that most of this stuff existed until I started looking into it lol. You'd be surprised how many people in your location like anime/manga and whatnot. That is just one of many events like that in your area.
  12. Erza's Avatar
    Sounds pretty cool! I might have to look into that sometime. Thanks! ^_^ I actually didn't know that a Chicago Comic Con existed until the beginning of this year, lol.

    Awww! ;P
  13. Kaguya's Avatar
    ACen (Anime Central) is a huge anime expo type thing out there. That's all I know about. I didn't even know Comic Con existed outside of NY and CA lol.

    Haha I won't say but that's close enough. ^_~

    You're welcome.
    Updated 07-22-2014 at 04:14 AM by Kaguya
  14. Erza's Avatar
    I'm not even sure about the events out here. I only know of Comic Con, lol. I'm guessing you're from L.A., right? xD
    Thanks! I hope so too.
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    Ah, I see. Well, I'm not familiar with the area, but there might be other events in your area. Out here, there's a lot of video game, anime, etc. conventions. I do hope that you get to attend one eventually though, and if you do, I hope you have lots of fun.
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    Cool... Cool! ;D

    The closet one to me is the Chicago Comic Con, and that's not that far from me (about 30-40min drive). I wanted to go this year, but around the time it'll start is when I will be a bit busy. Hopefully I can go next year or whenever the next one is, because I really want to go to one these events at least once in my life. ;_;
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    Thanks, you two! And I'll try to bring back some cool stuff. ;D

    I'm new to this, for the most part, but I am glad that I'm giving it a chance while I'm still interested. I think the three main factors that prevent video game/anime/etc. fans from going to gatherings like this are cost, distance, and time. They can be expensive, and/or far away from your area, or you might not have the time for it. If you ever have one that's nearby and cheap or free and if you have the time, I suggest checking it out at least once, Erza. You might enjoy it. ^-^
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    Nope, I'm not going. And I've never been to an event like this before.

    Anyway, I hope you have a great time, and like Dimples said, bring back souvenirs. ;D ;D
  19. Dimples's Avatar
    There's a lot of men who crossplay that fit that criteria lmao.

    You already know that I have no incentive to attend that event, Kaguya. Have fun though and bring back souvenirs.
  20. Madara's Avatar
    Ok well obviously any costume that has major cleavage/a lot of skin showing/skimpy outfit is a good cosplay and is worth is taking a picture for.
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