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  1. Murdered: Soul Suspect Review (PS4)

    So I know that this game has been out for over a month now but I'm only just now getting the chance to play it. Murdered: Soul Suspect is a narrative driven mystery game that's done somewhat like Rockstar's LA Noire. The key difference being: LA Noire is way better. That's basically where my comparisons with these two games draw to a close because I don't want to write a review nearly ...
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  2. RMGMDPunk's Anime Reviews: 7/28 - 8/3 *Updated*

    Hey everyone, so I'm expanding from game reviews to anime reviews! Might as well take advantage of this blog feature since it's a great way to actually practice writing these. So if you don't like my reviews I'm sorry lol. But do keep in mind these are just my opinion and all that. So yeah let's get started!


    -WARNING: Each review may contain heavy spoilers for the events of the episode!-

    So this season has been FANTASTIC for anime. ...

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  3. The Evil Within Review (PS4)

    Shinji Mikamiís highly anticipated game The Evil Within has been released for a week now and for the most part it has gotten mixed reactions. Some people were expecting a return to classic survival horror and felt let down. But where do I stand when it comes to The Evil Within? Having beaten the game yesterday, I can finally answer that question.

    Introduction: My Thoughts on Classic ...
  4. One Piece: Unlimited World R Review (PS3)

    One Piece: Unlimited World R is originally a 3DS game. This commonly known fact has been constantly ignored by other reviewers and the majority of the fanbase even though it's actually crucial to how this game should be viewed. I'm going to give this game two scores. One score will be how I view this game as a One Piece fan and the other score is how I view this game as a gamer.

    One Piece: UWR is considered to be the next entry ...