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  1. and who the **** is this Kaneki?
  2. Ino you just missed your chance on a threesome with 2 german studs. I know you like older boys, i'm sure you would have loved this. Oh well, maybe next time
  3. Inooo, do you have time tomorrow night?
  4. I was just thinking if i should also get the new ninja storm

    but i scrapped that idea after seeing the price
  5. Which game?
  6. dat ****ing game costs 90 ?!?!? O_O
  7. lol, that would actually be interesting, because he never played him at all xD
    Poor naleroph, forced to play my favorite. But he's quite good though, i'm sure he can manage. And he also has to play with my choice of characters anyway. I'm the manager, thats my job, lol. "Naleroph, you just wanna play around?! Or do we want to get a new ranking title tonight? Then do as i say!" xD
    His personal favorite is Kakashi btw, was always that way since we began reading the series in 2008 and since he got the games
  8. Okay, he'll have to use your Kisame against my league of women when the time comes. I can't promise I'll be any good anymore especially with the new battle mechanics but I'm definitely going to try. I think you should at least try when we play it'll be a good learning experience. So tell me about yourself, I'm curious.
  9. Oh right, he pre-ordered it. Should be released by then. Hmm, favorite characters. There was a time when i wanted to learn Kisame, because i like him in the series, my favorite Akatsuki because he was one of the few who actually knew who their boss is, and knew everything about the moon's eye plan and wanted it to happen and stayed loyal until death. A loyal evil guy, thats quite rare these days, haha. But i realized he is not that good in the game. And honestly, it's quite hard to learn the game, if i only get to play maybe once a month. Didn't even play it the last two times we met. I more comfortable with my role of sitting on the couch and shouting "dude, watch your chakra, watch your chakra, fall back, ok now, hes out of subs, out of subs, get him get him get him, his support rdy, watch out, good, now finish finish finish. Yeah nice, i guess i'll get us another whisky, good sir" D:
  10. Yeah I know, by time you go back he'll probably have revolution and we can play together. I'll be all over that when it comes out, especially in my DLC outfits and crap. Who do you use if you ever end up playing and who are you interested in using? I use mostly female characters. I mostly use Ino. lol

    I ended up adding your friend, I found a different request from him.
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