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  1. I heard about her. Got my eye on her and BL.
  2. kitchie panget, the one who creates these bizarre threads in shadowrealm, was the admin of gta-naruto lobby. She used to be... something like a mascot of the spam center @ SI, before she got into a fight with one of the mods. Brought her here because the people wanted some "entertainment". Don't worry, she is harmless, but funny
  3. at first i thought this stuff about "cnc machine lubrication" is some weird new meme i haven't heard about, because i don't keep in touch with... "internet stuff", like i used to.

    oh well, at least we didn't get lectured about the power of dental mouth guards
  4. I feel dumb for falling for it honestly.

    It was like "lol jk I'm a bot"
  5. I'm actually a bit impressed by the technical aspect of the bot. Having him choose an anime related name and even use a gif signature from a recent marvel movie. Almost convinced me its a real user
  6. Got a great laugh from these
  7. thanks, can you also check if this guy
    is the same as this guy

    ...wait a sec... they are all just bots O_o
    cnclubricants, thats also what one of the other guys had in his signature

    SGZ is being invaded by bots who advertise lubricant oil for cnc industrial machines from India... well... that must be the weirdest thing i ever heard.. this week
  8. I'll give it a look thanks for this.
  9. hello there, can you check IPs from users?
    i think the same guy just signed up here 3 times o_O
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