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  1. bruh, my friend bought me a bowl (belated birthday prez) and I got me some "Blue Cheese"... mannnnn... we went to Food Lion and baked cookies xD My throats been killin me too, since Saturday :/
  2. Took the fattest hit from a bong last Monday and was tripping ass walking home

    Then my chest and back be hurting for about 4-5 days ;_;
  3. <3

  4. >mfw i'm high
  5. >mfw i'm high
  6. That would be the best thing evar~

    I can also see Oga saying that xD
  7. Oh shit I just pictured Gintoki saying FUCK HER RIGHT IN THE PUSSY in Engrish.

    Holy shit i'm dying hahahaha
  8. lol xD Gintoki must've learned from this guy
  9. This dude is a National Heroe lmfao my sides
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