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  1. Sorry for the late response, been busy.

    It was great! Got a lot of money, new shoes, and a bunch of Patriots stuff.

    Smash is amazing even tho I've only been able to play once lol.
  2. Just 1 more day >.<

    *Heavy Breathing*

    P.S How was your birthday bruh
  3. He's 32 flavors of retarded dude XD
  4. Like, I don't mind hateful people on forums, they make it fun to read.

    But Gon is just retarded.
  5. I forgot and I have played several damn games for the past 16 years it's hard to choose

    Hells yeah
    I would rather be sodomized and left for dead before I invite Gon
  6. lololol

    I think it's funnier that you even answered after 2 months lmfao.

    And sweet! Now we'll be able to have that Smash Bros Party. (Don't invite Gon tho ._.)
  7. This is what happens when you ask hard questions bruh. Takes me 2 months to think about it. XD

    No order
    1.) Danganronpa 1& 2 (PSVita)
    2.) Saints Row 2(PS3/360)
    3.) Persona 4 Golden(PSVita)
    4.) Super Smash Bros Wii U (SOON)
    5.) Crash Bandicoot (Series as a whole)

    Added you on Wii U btw
  8. Nice, looking forward to 5 then.

    What are your top 5 games bruh
  9. I've played all 4 but I recommend Persona 3 & 4.
    Persona 3 FES & 4 you can download off the PS Store
    Persona 4 Golden is a Vita game and if you have a Vita, BUY it NOW.
    Nope not yet. Persona 5 is coming out on the PS3 & PS4 though.
  10. ;-;

    I really need to pick up a Persona game. Which ones are good? Are there any on the next-gen consoles?
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