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RMGMDPunk's Anime Reviews: 7/28 - 8/3 *Updated*

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Hey everyone, so I'm expanding from game reviews to anime reviews! Might as well take advantage of this blog feature since it's a great way to actually practice writing these. So if you don't like my reviews I'm sorry lol. But do keep in mind these are just my opinion and all that. So yeah let's get started!


-WARNING: Each review may contain heavy spoilers for the events of the episode!-

So this season has been FANTASTIC for anime. I typically read more manga than I watch anime but it seems as if the roles have been reversed this Summer. I'm watching a nice handful of series and I'm going to do my best to review them in basically one paragraph each. That's gonna be hard! Well I'm going to review these in the order that I watched them in this week.

Episode 140

Hunter x Hunter is a series that I only recently got into but man I fell in love with it. Now, this series isn't without its flaws but that's a review for another day. It should also be noted that I'm waiting for the anime to finish up before switching to the manga. Now this episode was a mixed bag for me. The first half felt pretty slow but the second that familiar theme hit I was hype as hell. Needless to say the actual ending scene with Leorio decking the shit out of Ging was what sold this episode for me. The animation was solid as it has been throughout the entire series and I have to give major props to the animation studio for keeping up the quality of animation throughout 140 episodes of this episode. While I admit the stuff with Killua (my favorite character) and Alluka is the most interesting part of this current arc I think I'll enjoy the Election stuff if Leorio stays involved. It was also nice to see Badass Coin Butler make a return (even if the opening spoiled his return but hey the openings spoil a lot of things). Definitely a decent episode of the anime but man that ending scene was still just so fantastic to me. Looking forward to seeing what Hisoka and Illumi are up to though. Hopefully we'll get an awesome Killua/Hisoka fight! I can't say I'd object to seeing my two favorites battle.

So the slow pacing of this new arc hurts this episode more than anything but it was still definitely enjoyable.

Score: 7.5/10

Episode 5

I love Tokyo Ghoul. I haven't read the manga or anything but I definitely will after the anime finishes. Now I am aware that the anime and the manga are different and the anime has been skipping things BUT I can't hold that against the anime right now because I don't know what these skipped events are! The animation was on fire this week and everything seemed to flow smoothly and the action scenes were done really well. And man this episode had a lot of action. I'm still not sold on Ken as a protagonist but Toka stole the show this week. Purple haired guy whose name I can't remember is just as creepy as he was last week and I just hope he gets the piss beat out of him. I'm pretty sure that he's gonna stick around though because he's in the opening. Now I expected Nishio (I think that's his name) to still be alive but I wasn't expecting to see him again so soon. I actually don't hate him nearly as much as I did before thanks to the backstory we got this week. Overall the plot and action in the second half of this episode were awesome. Tokyo Ghoul still remains as my favorite anime of the season so far.

Score: 9.5/10

Episode 4

Zankyou no Terror is fantastic! Oh man I cannot praise this anime enough. The animation and artwork is beyond amazing. The lighting in this week's episode was untouchable. The plot and characters continue to intrigue me at every turn. Basically this anime is giving me the same vibes that Death Note gave me all of those years ago. I highly recommend that everyone watch this anime if you already aren't. It's just amazing. Now this week's episode features Nine and Twelve sending the police another riddle but this time they tell them they can't cheat. Naturally the police go off on their own and Shibazaki (I THINK that is his name please correct me though if I'm wrong) ends up solving the riddle. However since the police "cheated" all of the information about their investigation is leaked to the public. It also looks like Lisa has been brought to the hideout after running away from her Mom and that's the end of the episode. Have I mentioned that i love the animation in this series? The music isn't fantastic or anything but it does help set the mood for all of the scenes. If Tokyo Ghoul wasn't running right now this would easily be my favorite anime of the season. However, this week's episode I couldn't find a single flaw with. It's a rarity but I thought it was a damn near perfect episode!

Score: 10/10

Episode 19

Son of a Biiiiiiiiiiiiiitch! Holyyyyyyyyy Shiiittttt! OOOHHHHHH NOOOOOO!

Joseph Joestar is awesome and still my favorite JoJo to this day. And even though The Sun felt like one of the least memorable fights in the manga, David Productions does another fantastic job here and delivers on another fantastic episode of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. This week Jotaro and crew are going to cross the desert but they feel like they are being watched. After trading an amazing car for some camels, which Joseph is an expert on by the way, the gang is suddenly face to face with another stand. UNLEASH THE POWER OF THE SUN! So a giant Sun is making travel impossible and the temperature is just getting higher and higher. Luckily after Jotaro, Polnareff, and Kakyoin burst into hysterical laughter, Jotaro throws a rock, breaks a mirror and knocks out the stand user. But what I'm really looking forward to is next week's creepy ass Death 13 fight. Sadly we are nearing the end of the first half of JoJo but there are still many awesome things to come. The animation was fantastic as always and the music was still badass. OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOD!

Score: Joseph Joestar/10

Edit: Three days later and I've finally decided to finish writing reviews. Now I'm watching more than the last 2 series I'm writing reviews for but I think this blog definitely covers enough anime. So let's get back into reviewing!

Episode 5

I'm definitely not the biggest fan of SAO but I'd be lying to you guys if I said I WASN'T enjoying the new season. Basically the AFO arc really tried to turn me away from this series but so far aside from some pacing issues the new season has been pretty good. Episode 5 is easily the best episode yet as we continue to learn more about how GGO works and I gotta say GGO sounds fun as hell. This week featured a good mix of comedy and action as Kirito finally admitted to Sinon that he was actually a dude! Kirito also entered the first round in the BOB and basically outsmarted his opponent and he's officially started to learn the ways of the force. However it's the end of the episode where Death Gun suddenly shows up behind Kirito that we learn he's a SAO survivor from the Laughing Coffin guild! Was not expecting that at all!! The animation was definitely turned up to 11 for the action scene and aside from stagnant images in the background it definitely wasn't bad. The music was fitting as always and the voice acting was well done. But it's the plot advancement that really seals the deal for me this week. I'm definitely looking forward to the next episode!

Score: 9/10

Episode 3

I never watched Sailor Moon as a kid so Crystal is my first real exposure to this series and man, I have not been impressed. It's pretty standard affair for the early episodes to be about gathering the team and all that but man the animation and artwork is just insanely off putting to me. The music is fine and aside from Usagi's ear piercing voice I don't mind the voice acting either. It's just the typical "villain of the week" plot and the animation that have made this unenjoyable. I'm actually really close to dropping the series but I might stick it out a LITTLE bit longer. So this episode was about recruiting Sailor Mars and beating up an evil dude. That's the best way to sum up this episode. The animation mess ups were all over the place this week. When Mars first transformed for example she struck this pose that just looked all kinds of bad. I'm sure you can find the screengrab somewhere. It annoys me that the animation is bad considering this is a series that airs every other week. But I guess I shouldn't be surprised because Toei is a pretty awful animation studio. The days of good One Piece and DBZ are long gone and never coming back. Sailor Moon Crystal probably would be a lot more enjoyable if I was watching this with nostalgia goggles but I'm not. And it's bad.

Score: 3/10

So I've removed Tokyo ESP from the line up because of the character limit. D: sorry guys. Also I don't review OP because I don't watch it every week. This week's reviews start tomorrow!

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