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It is I, Electrorocket.

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Hello there people, who read my newfound blog. This blog will be about me and my future blogs that I will blog. Prepare your bodies, as we are about to go on a huge TL;DR ride here at SGZ.

Anyways, I shall introduce myself. I am the Electrorocket, God of Noodles, Prophet of Providence (temporarily a while ago), Priest of Greed, Russian Noodler (Until I evolved), mystery first account on SI, and Jake. I am largely a video gamer, anime watcher, and I'm slightly crazy. Regardless, I manage as a human being.

Being the person I am, I got sh*t to do here on earth, and that's what I will be talking about with these blogs. In fact, these blogs will be about my process into coolness, and also about my SGZ project I am working on. I am one who relies on others reactions for satisfaction, and I am willing to do anything to get people to talk, be quiet, do something, or do nothing for it. Regardless, I always win and winning is a good thing. Take that those with logical prowess.

What I'm saying is, I don't care if people attempt to stop me from doing this project. It is going to be amaze-balls. It will revolutionize this goddamned already awesome forums, its users, and its creators. Once I've completed the first part of it, users will want to be a part of it. Eventually, there will be a huge following. I think it will be the most productive thing I've ever done, ever, in the history of my own noodleness.

But I won't talk about it until I've completed about 70 percent of it. I don't want to say what the idea is unless I have complete knowledge that it will be completed entirely. Regardless, thanks for reading and learning, grab your hype train and ride it, RIDE IT TO VICTORY!

Blogs are totally for things like this right? I don't care, I do what I want.
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  1. Brandon Lee's Avatar
    fist gate open
    first hokage
    first comment
  2. Mugetsu's Avatar
    Bankai... ō men: U~ōmu jūten shibō ("King Noodle: Warm Filling Death")
    Updated 08-11-2014 at 07:00 AM by Mugetsu
  3. Ninja's Avatar
    ^That's what she said
  4. Rendarg's Avatar
    still waiting for the revolution...
  5. THOMAZTOM's Avatar
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