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Super Smash Brothers

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I'm a fan of the series so I decided to dedicate a blog entry to it.The 3DS version of the latest entry came out in Japan last week. I have access to the game and I can answer any questions.

Anyway, here we discuss everything Smash Bros. related. Exchange friend codes and strategies. Post news, pictures, and videos. Talk about tournaments.

What are your favorite trophies, stages, items, bosses, game modes, and characters?

Since the Wii U version isn't released yet, what original content do you think it will have?

Updated 09-18-2014 at 02:08 PM by Kaguya

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  1. Kira's Avatar
    I too have the Japanese version. We should definitely play sometime.

    Trophies are a pain in the ass to unlock especially because the amount of money you get for certain things is like awful unless you have tips that I can earn fast money with?

    I like all of the I guess Final Destination recreation stages. As far as a favorite stage with a gimmick probably the new Fire Emblem Stage.

    I think the Wii U version will have more stages. Maybe will let us play in some classic Gamecube stages that aren't in the 3DS version.
  2. Kaguya's Avatar
    I don't own it. It's my friend's. Though I'm down to play a couple of matches or two, if I can add you.

    While grinding for custom specials in Smash Run, I ended up getting a lot of coins in the process.

    My favorite new stages are Magicant, Gerudo Valley, and Pac-Maze.

    I also think the Wii U version is getting more stages. I'm hoping it gets more game modes, too, though I'm sure it will. I miss event matches and the stage builder. It's possible that those modes can be transferred onto the 3DS. That would be great.
    Updated 09-20-2014 at 01:37 PM by Kaguya
  3. Kira's Avatar
    Meh stage builder lol. Was never too crazy about that. Event matches were fun I was highly addicted to those haha.

    Friend Code: 3282-2230-0344

    Just PM me whenever you're down to play.
  4. Kaguya's Avatar
    Here's news about an upcoming national tournament.
  5. Kira's Avatar
    Oh not for me haha. They'll blow a smash casual like me out the water lol.

    When are we playing by the way?
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